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OSUM Professor Interview To Be Shown On PBS

5 Jul , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse

A PBS documentary now airing online takes a look at women physicians of the 19th century. It contains a contribution by a professor at The Ohio State University at Mansfield.

Dr. Carolyn Skinner was interviewed for the documentary, which is entitled “Daring Women Doctors: Physicians in the 19th Century.” She is an Associate Professor of English at OSUM, and is currently working on a book examining the speech and writing of these women.

According to the program website, “Hidden in American history, all women’s medical schools began to appear in the mid 19th century long before women had the right to vote or own property. “Daring Women Doctors” highlights the intrepid, pioneering and diverse women who faced hostility and resistance in their pursuit of medical educations.”

The documentary is now available for streaming for members of local PBS stations, and it will air on WOSU on August 26. WVIZ in Cleveland will show the program on Sunday afternoon at 5 PM, and again this coming Thursday at 4 AM.

Image by Steffen L. from Pixabay


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