As School COVID Cases Decrease Statewide, Richland Numbers Remain Steady

27 Feb , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

Ohio is seeing a marked reduction in the number of new infections of COVID-19 being reported by the state’s schools.

At the same time, fueled in large part by an apparent cluster taking place among staff at Madison Schools, Richland County numbers are staying relatively constant.

The numbers shared on Thursday for infections across Ohio showed 847 new cases, which represents the smallest increase since October. This brings the total infection number for Ohio schools to 60,954.

The biggest weekly increase since the State of Ohio began sharing those numbers wsa recorded just a month and a half ago, on January 14. Then, some 6,535 students and staff had new caes of COVID-19.

Richland County schools had a total of 46 new cases reported,including 19 students and 27 staff. Those cases were in the following schools:

  • Clear Fork — 1 staff
  • Lexington — 2 students, 2 staff
  • Lucas — 1 student
  • Madison — 6 students, 21 staff
  • Mansfield City — 5 students, 1 staff
  • Ontario — 3 students
  • Pioneer — 1 student
  • Shelby — 1 student, 2 staff

Since tests began, Mansfield City Schools has had the highest number of total cases in Richland County — 124, followed by Madison (111) and Lexington (100).

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