Cranes And Equipment Signal Change At OSU Mansfield/NCSC

31 Jul , 2018  

Visitors to the campus of The Ohio State University at Mansfield and North Central State College this month will undoubtedly notice construction activity in more than one location.

At least two major projects have begun which will provide enhanced facilities as well as a new “look” for OSUM/NCSC’s front door.

In mid-July, a large crane lifted a new HVAC unit onto the roof of Conard Hall as part of the chemistry and microbiology renovation project.

Visitors to campus along the road from the current Lexington-Springmill gateway will soon reach a very obvious area of construction that includes property to the south, near the MCSC Health Sciences Building (photo above). The new roadway will connect that area with the location of the micro-farm and the Buckeye Village Apartments. This will include a new Lexington-Springmill entrance.

In the current academic area of campus, the first phase of a renovation project is underway that will help The Ohio State University at Mansfield students be more successful inside the classroom and beyond. Chemistry and microbiology labs on the second floor of Conard Hall will get a modern facelift.

“Quality and updated lab space is important to our students as we grow science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs and research on our campus,” said Mansfield Campus Dean and Director Norman Jones. “Conard Hall is 40 years old, and these labs needed a mid-life renovation.”

Phase I of the project will be completed by fall. A new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is being installed. This aspect of the project was priority in order to provide critical climate control and air handling updates for the laboratory environment. Phase II of the project, currently in final planning stages, will include the interior renovation and modernization of 75-hundred assignable square feet in two teaching and learning laboratories, a new multi-purpose teaching lab with movable tables, two faculty and undergraduate research labs and lab auxiliary support spaces. The updated labs will have code compliant storage, new fume hoods and electric upgrades. Phase II of the project is slated for spring 2020.

“This project contributes to our goals of building on our world-class programs to advance strategic collaborations, strengthen learning environments, and increase Ohio’s competitive advantage by capitalizing on strengths,” said Jones.

Photos: The Ohio State University at Mansfield, 1812Blockhouse

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