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Will Neuracorp’s Arrival Be A Positive Thing For Mansfield?

19 May , 2019  

That’s the question at the center of a short radio drama presented by theatre students at Purdue University.

Entitled “Making Mansfield,” the city is the setting for the audio play, described this way on the WBAA website:

“Our scene shifts to Mansfield, Ohio in the very near future of May 2021. Bionics is on everyone’s mind, and the up-and-coming leader in the field, Neuracorp, looks to expand to Mansfield. But is this steel town ready to embrace the rapidly changing technology that threatens the machine shop strategically located on Highway 30?”

The play ends with a critical vote before Mansfield City Council. Which way will Council vote?

The radio drama can be found here. “Making Mansfield” begins at the 20:00 mark.

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