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Renaissance Offering Creative Educational Activities Resources

26 Mar , 2020  

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As area teachers, students, and families deal with school closures and a unique way of learning for many, the Renaissance Education Department has created the “QuaRENtine Education Initiative” which will offer a variety of educational activities designed with creativity in mind.

The series, coordinated by Renaissance Resident Teaching Artist Dauphne Maloney, is designed to provide a wide range of engaging and fun theatre games, along with writing prompts and exercises, and other activities that foster collaboration, learning and creativity. Maloney, trained by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., typically conducts in-school workshops for area students, as well as educational workshops hosted by the theatre. The recent closure of Ohio’s schools has meant that many scheduled workshops have been cancelled, in accordance with Governor Mike DeWine’s Executive Order.

“The Renaissance Education Department has been grateful to have had the opportunity to use its resources to provide service to area educators, administrators, parents and students,” stated Maloney. “Until recently, the majority of those opportunities has involved face-to-face interaction. With the more traditional structure of education changing for many—even if only for a short time—we’d like to continue to be a resource to our educational partners by offering a little bit of fun to add to their daily lessons.”

Beginning Wednesday, March 25th, the Renaissance website will provide a collection of writing prompts, as well as improvisational theatre “games.” All the material provided can be used by educators, as well as parents and students. Maloney suggests that the theatre games can also be fun for families looking to break up or enhance a day of traditional, core subject matter. Material for the website will be updated, and expanded upon, regularly to include new material and resources for other activities and creative exploration.

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Source, Photo: Renaissance Performing Arts Association

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