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ODNR Talks Woodpeckers

24 Jan , 2021  

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This winter, the Ohio Department of National Resources (ODNR) is offering Ohioans an opportunity to attend webinars touching on nature and Ohio history.

First up is a look at Ohio’s Woodpeckers, which will take place this Wednesday, January 27 from 10 AM to 11 AM.

Here are come questions for you:

Why do woodpeckers chisel, peck, and pull away bark and wood?

Do woodpeckers stay in Ohio year-round?

What should you do if a woodpecker is drumming on your house?

Woodpeckers are fascinating birds and an important part of our ecosystem. Whether at your bird feeders or along a forested trail, woodpeckers are fun, entertaining birds to watch. Join this LIVE, interactive webinar as ODNR takes a look at the amazing adaptations of woodpeckers and then explore the seven woodpeckers that call Ohio home. Some tips for identification will be shared and the history of different woodpecker names will be revealed.

This Beginner Level webinar is ideal for children, families, and educations, and will take place on Microsoft Teams Live. If you are new to Teams Live, click here for info.

You can join the webinar at this link.

Upcoming Webinars from ODNR include (all take place at 10 AM):

  • February 3 — Hibernation Fascination
  • February 9 — The Underground Railroad on ODNR Lands
  • February 10 — African American History in Ohio’s Little Smokies
  • February 17 — Bobcats
  • February 23 — The CCC Legacy
  • February 24 — Maple Syrup Production
Image by ray jennings from Pixabay

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