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Now’s The Time To Make A Real Difference For Local Businesses

14 Mar , 2020  

As thoughts turn toward home, with schools closed, remote work increasing, temporary shutdowns, and travel impacted, it’s important to remember that there are still ways to help others and to support your community and its businesses — all from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.

During times of social distancing made necessary for health reasons, an in-person trip to that store or restaurant is not always necessary to make a real difference. Here are some ideas on how you can make a difference for Richland County businesses:

Buy a gift card. Many merchants and eateries have created opportunities to buy gift cards online.

Leave a review. Take the opportunity to leave reviews on Yelp! and other sites about good experiences you have had at a given location.

Make a donation. Why not take that ticket price to the event at the Renaissance Theatre, Richland Academy of the Arts, Mid Ohio Opera, or other venue and donate it to the operation? Let’s keep those venues alive and thriving.

Shop online. There are many Richland County businesses that offer online shopping — some you which you may not have had the chance to visit.

Shop over the phone. That’s the way your mothers and fathers used to do it – give the store a call to see what they have in stock. Many will deliver locally.

Promote on social media. Have a favorite store? Share information about the business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere online. A “share” of a business post is always welcome.

Subscribe. Many business have subscriptions or enewletters. Get connected!

Support local media. This one is close to home. Richland County has two media outlets that have membership programs. Our program at 1812Blockhouse is brand-new but is currently operational — more information is available here and on the Membership in 1812Blockhouse link on our home page. Richland Source also has a membership program, and more information on that can be found here.

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