The City of Mansfield is seeking input on the following proposed changes to the city’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds, HOME Investment Partnership Funds, and Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds (NSP).

A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, January 7 at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers at the City Building at 30 N. Diamond St., Mansfield, 44902. A 30 day comment period will begin 15 days prior to the public hearing and conclude 15 days after the public hearing. During this comment period, any comments or views of citizens received in writing, e-mail, or verbally before, during and after the public hearing will be considered. Comments will be included as an attachment to the amendment.

Mansfield’s Citizen Participation Plan requires a Substantial Amendment in order to carry out an activity not previously included in the action plan. The decision and process to approve amendment to the action plan(s) for 2018 and 2019 is based on the following:

1. A change in the use of CDBG and HOME, money from one project* to another, and a change to increase or decrease funding or cost of a project by more than 20% of the funds that were originally allocated for that project. (This does not include projects that are completed under budget by more than 20%. The unspent balance may go to new activities, but citizens have opportunity to comment.)

2. The elimination or addition of a project originally described or not described in the Consolidated or Annual Action Plan.

3. A change in the purpose of a project, such as a change in the type of activity or its ultimate objective for example, a change in a construction project from housing to commercial.

4. A meaningful change in the location of a project.

*The term “project” refers to a budget line item—often called a “program”—as delineated in the yearly action plan.

The CDBG funds for Fiscal Years 2009, 2014-2015, 2017- 2019 are listed as follows and proposed to be reallocated to the following:

Reallocation of funds for CDBG

  • FY 2014: $100.50; FY 2015: $3,155.07; FY 2018: $65,882.25; FY 2019: $408.75

Reallocation of funds for HOME

  • FY 2017: $504.41

NSP Program Income Conversion to CDBG Program Income and Reallocation of funds

  • FY 2009-Present: $158,087.18

New Proposed Projects

  • Down Payment Assistance 2019: $408.75. (Total $35,000)
  • 2018/2019 Parks and Recreation Upgrades & Improvements- $227,225
  • City-wide HOME Rehab: $504.41

Reallocation of the Following Projects CDBG

  • 2014: Section108 Funded $228,000; Reallocated Amount $100.00
  • 2014: Regional Community Advancement Diaper Bank Funded $12,875.00; Reallocated Amount $.50
  • 2015: Regional Community Advancement Summer Program Funded $9,472.33; Reallocated Amount
  • 2018: Richland Outreach (1) KIDZ Rock Funded $6,856.; Reallocated Amount $6,856.36. (2) Head to
    Toe Pantry Funded $2,000.00; Reallocated Amount $2,000.00
  • 2018: Mansfield Parks Summer Camp Funded $12,800.00; Reallocated Amount $151.86
  • 2018: Richland County Transit Dial-A-Ride Funded $65,600.96; Reallocated Amount $12,000.00
  • 2018: City-wide Emergency Repair Funded $220,620.03; Reallocated Amount $44,874.03
  • 2019: City –wide Emergency Repair Funded $109,204.04; Reallocated Amount $408.75

Reallocation of the Following Projects HOME

  • 2017: Mansfield Metropolitan Housing Authority Tenant Based Rental Assistance Funded $36,074.01;
  • Reallocated Amount $504.41

NSP Program Income Conversion to CDBG Program Income

  • FY 2009-Present: $158,087.18; Reallocated Amount $158,087.18

Inquiries and comments concerning the Substantial Amendment(s) can be conveyed in writing through January 22, 2020 to staff at the City of Mansfield, Department of Community Development, 30 North Diamond Street, Mansfield; or visit the City’s website at:; or email Tracy Bond, the Community Development and Housing Director at [email protected].

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