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The Mansfield Art Center (MAC) stands as a beacon of creativity and culture in north central Ohio. Known for its vibrant exhibitions and educational programs, the MAC is now embarking on a transformative journey aimed at making art accessible to everyone. Thanks to a generous grant from the Richland County Foundation, the MAC Accessibility Initiative is set to enhance the building’s facilities, ensuring that everyone in the community, regardless of ability, can enjoy the wonders of art.

A Leap Towards Inclusivity

The initiative comes at a crucial time as the MAC has seen its annual visitor numbers soar to 60,000. The center’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility has never been more apparent. A partnership with local schools and organizations highlights the pressing need for improvements that cater to all visitors. Despite the challenges posed by the building’s original structure, the MAC is determined to bridge the gap between the old and the new, mirroring the accessibility standards of its Education Wing across the entire facility.

Enhancements on the Horizon

Scheduled to begin this spring, the updates are extensive. Visitors can look forward to automated doors at key entrances, an ADA-compliant drinking fountain, revamped restrooms, and portable seating options in the gallery spaces. The changes extend beyond physical alterations; a dedicated staff member will undergo Accessibility Coordinator Certification through the ADA. This move underscores the MAC’s dedication to fostering an environment where art is truly accessible to all.

The initiative is a collaborative endeavor, with the MAC working closely with the local ADA Network, The National Foundation for the Blind, and other pivotal organizations. The goal is to ensure comprehensive accessibility, from the website to all forms of communication. The forthcoming Accessibility Guide and Statement will offer clear insights into the accommodations available, reaffirming the MAC’s commitment to inclusivity.

Supporting the Vision

As the MAC prepares to start this significant work, it is also seeking additional funding to realize the full scope of the initiative. Community support plays a vital role in this journey towards accessibility. Donations towards the ADA Accessibility updates are warmly welcomed, with various avenues available for contributions, including online donations through the MAC website.

To contribute to this vital cause, please visit the Mansfield Art Center’s donation page at, or contact the center directly to support the MAC Accessibility Initiative.

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