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Federal Charges Pending For Bank Robbery Suspect

3 Jun , 2017  

A man suspected in three local bank robberies has been arrested and is facing federal charges.

In a Friday press release, the FBI and the Mansfield Police Department announced that Christopher E. McCarthy, age 29, is in custody based on charges in one of those incidents.

The three robberies included Richland Bank’s Ashland Road branch in Mansfield, the Farmers and Savings Bank in Loudonville, and also the Farmers National Bank in Wooster. All three took place between The arrest warrant itself was issued in Richland County, while McCarthy was arrested on May 5 by the Millersburg Police Department.

On May 30, McCarthy was charged federally for the Farmers National Bank robbery which occurred on May 4. Additional federal charges are anticipated for the Richland Bank and the Farmer and Savings Bank that McCarthy is believed to have committed.

“We appreciate our close collaboration between Mansfield officers and our local FBI agents,” Mansfield Police Chief Ken Coontz said in a press release. “This partnership, along with the assistance of our community members, has seen a nearly 90 percent arrest rate on these types of crimes.”

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