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County Pharmacies Participating In Effort To Reduce Senior Falling

22 Mar , 2018  

Certain types of medications and drug combinations can cause dizziness, drowsiness and confusion and could contribute to a life-changing fall in older adults. The Ohio Department of Aging, through its STEADY U Ohio initiative, is partnering with the Ohio Pharmacists Association, Ohio’s colleges of pharmacy, and pharmacies around the state to help older Ohioans and their caregivers understand and minimize the risk of falling potentially caused by the medicines they take to remain healthy.

During the week of April 1-7, participating pharmacies around the state – including here in Richland County — will provide free, confidential medicine reviews for older adults who visit their locations. Pharmacy staff will review customers’ medicine usage and identify those medicines and combinations that may increase the risk for falls. Customers will receive a list of their potentially problem medicines to take to their health care professionals so that they can discuss risks and appropriate treatment options.

Dates and times vary by location. In addition, several of Ohio’s colleges of pharmacies are assisting with pharmacy events or hosting medicine reviews at other locations in their communities.

As of today, the following Richland County locations are participating:

  • Walgreens – 770 Ashland Road, Mansfield
  • Walgreens – 1000 Park Avenue West, Mansfield
  • Walgreens – 1380 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield
  • Kroger – 1240 Park Avenue West, Mansfield
  • Kroger – 1060 Ashland Road, Mansfield
  • Kroger – 1500 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield


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