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UPDATED: Mansfield City Schools Superintendent Stan Jefferson sent a text out on Wednesday morning on this situation, stating the following:

“Mansfield City School Families, Today is Wednesday, April 10, 2024. Mansfield City Schools took a variety of measures today in response to odors reported by staff. The timing and information shared by Columbia Gas and Mansfield Fire Department impacted decisions as safety protocols were implemented at various buildings. Columbia Gas has now communicated that crews are aware of a gas odor in the Mansfield area. They have stated that the situation is safe and the source of the odor is known. In addition, Columbia Gas representatives were sent to buildings to inspect for leaks. All schools in session today have resumed normal operations. Two schools were closed earlier as a precautionary measure and prior to the communications from Columbia Gas and the City of Mansfield Fire Department.

Sincerely, Stan Jefferson Superintendent Mansfield City Schools”

This morning, the City of Mansfield shared the following on social media relating to a pervasive smell of natural gas in various areas of the city:


Re: Smell Associated with Natural Gas in Mansfield

Date: 4/10/2024

The Mansfield Fire Department has received numerous calls reporting an odor of natural gas in businesses and residences throughout our city. Our crews have responded to all of these incidents and used advanced metering devices to check for the presence of explosive gases. All checks have come back negative; however, the distinct odor of gas is present.

We are currently in contact with representatives from Columbia Gas to determine potential causes for the odor.

Mercaptan is an additive used in natural gas to give it a distinct smell. The presence of the smell does not necessarily mean there are dangerous levels of gas.

If you smell an odor of gas, you can attempt to ventilate your home or business by opening windows or doors. If you have a concern, or are feeling ill, please call 911 and we will send a crew to check the gas levels.

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