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A Successful Year On The B&O Trail

17 Dec , 2019  

The Richland County Park District (RCPD) has reported that 2019 was a good year for the Richland B&O Trail.

The RCPD sites many hours of work provided by volunteers, including individuals, community groups, and corporate groups, as one of the biggest contributors. Of course, the upkeep and improvement of the Trail also requires funding; the B&O Trail received support from the Richland County Foundation, Spherion13r, Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, Richland Public Health, Destination Mansfield, Mid Ohio Bikers and individual contributors. Those funds were used for construction projects, artwork, materials, tools and equipment to keep the Trail looking great.

Some of the work done this year included trimming back the edges of the Trail, regular mowing, and blowing sticks and debris off the Trail surface. The 2019 special project list included: Trashercise Walks (walking and collecting trash at the same time); trail surface and erosion repair; adding access and etiquette signage and new trailhead signs; clearing bridges; 4th Street underpass work; parking upgrades; and painting.

The Richland County Park District works with groups who use the Trail, including parkrun (a Saturday morning 5k that starts in North Lake Park), Slow Roll Mansfield and Slow Roll South (two biking groups). The 18-mile Trail is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Source: Richland County Park District


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