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Mansfield has welcomed a new hotspot for skateboarding enthusiasts with the grand opening of Brasshouse Boardroom. Located at 34 West 4th Street, this family-owned skate shop is more than just a retail space—it’s a community hub where passion for skateboarding and street culture comes alive.

Brasshouse Boardroom stands out with its unique offerings and commitment to the skateboarding community. The shop, situated next to Uncommon Nostalgia, offers an impressive array of skateboarding gear and streetwear. From high-quality skateboards to the latest in street fashion, it’s a one-stop shop for skate enthusiasts.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony last week wasn’t just an opening event; it was a celebration of community and skateboarding culture. The presence of local skateboarders, civic leaders, and enthusiastic community members underscored the support for this new venture in downtown Mansfield.

Brasshouse Boardroom isn’t your typical skate shop. It houses two deck walls, showcasing a wide variety of skateboard decks. The shop offers a unique experience where customers can build their skateboards from scratch, selecting every component to suit their style and needs. For those new to skateboarding or looking for a quick start, there are pre-built complete skateboards available.

Apart from skateboarding gear, the shop also boasts a range of streetwear including t-shirts, flannels, pants, and joggers. This blend of skate culture and street fashion makes Brasshouse Boardroom a trendsetting spot in Mansfield.

One of the highlights of Brasshouse Boardroom is the mini ramp/half pipe located inside the shop. This feature not only allows customers to test out gear but also serves as a venue for mini ramp parties and special events, adding an exciting dimension to the local skate scene.

The owners of Brasshouse Boardroom emphasize their commitment to community support. By creating a space that welcomes both skateboarders and non-skaters alike, they aim to strengthen the bonds within the Mansfield community. Their vision goes beyond selling skateboarding gear; it’s about building a culture and providing a platform for creative expression.

For more information about Brasshouse Boardroom and their offerings, visit their website at Brasshouse Boardroom.

Photos: Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development

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