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1812Blockhouse Announces Plans To Purchase Richland Source

1 Apr , 2019  

Mansfield media will never be the same after plans were announced on Monday for the acquisition of a major local journalistic operation.

In a surprise turn of events, it would be David who is doing the acquiring, not Goliath, as 1812Blockhouse has set its sights on Richland Source.

“It’s been a goal here for some time to build our operation,” said Thomas Palmer, owner/publisher of 1812Blockhouse. “It’s been fun being the small guy in the room as we launched, but now it’s time to hit the big leagues.”

Richland Source began life in 2013. “I was involved in another Mansfield media effort, MidOhioLive, before that time,” Palmer added. “We’re therefore claiming that we planted our flag here first.”

The Mansfield News Journal and WMFD did not comment on this story. Then again, they were not asked to do so.

Among other ideas, 1812Blockhouse has plans to build Richland Source’s after hours music events to include a wider variety of music and acts. “We’re going to bring in polka dancers, trance music, throat singers, bellydancers, and zither-ists,” Palmer added.

No information was shared as to a possible acquisition offer. “A check may be or may not be in the mail,” he shared. There is some reason to believe that pizza and donuts might be part of the proposed deal.

On a very related note, 1812Blockhouse wishes its readers a wonderful April Fools’ Day.

Truth be told, no such plans exist – we’re big fans of all the media sites listed above. We do wonder about adding some trance, though — or maybe a Daft Punk cover band?

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