Blue Bridge Painting Continues

20 Jun , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

ODOT’s painting of the “Blue Bridge” over the Clear Fork of the Mohican River continues in central Bellville.

As we shared earlier this month, this work has caused a temporary blockage of the B&O Trail at Main Street, as it is too hazardous to cross the street. Two detours exist.

Work is anticipated to be done on or before August 14.

The bridge is a Metal 9 Panel Rivet-Connected Parker Through Truss bridge, and was built in 1937 by the Mount Vernon Bridge Company. Once the bridge reopens, we will celebrate with a special Landmarks of Richland post.

Meanwhile, 1812Blockhouse was in Bellville this past weekend and captured this photo of the unique tent that protects the bridge painting effort.


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