A Quick Guide To 1812Blockhouse Series

9 Oct , 2019  

In the three-plus years that 1812Blockhouse has been on the air, we have launched several “series” of related posts.

Some we have continued throughout that time. Others we have launched, paused for a bit after a few stories have been posted, and then picked up later. You may well see at least one of those series come back before the year’s end.

In one case, our Landmarks of Mansfield and Landmarks of Richland series, there are well over 35 individual entries. Do you have a local landmark we haven’t written about yet? We love a challenge, and would be happy to do some research on the background of your favorite building or piece of public art.

We thought that this might be a good time for us to share a quick, easy guide on how to find these series.

Click on any of the following to access a collection of posts in a given series:

When Mansfield Welcomed – A look at famous visitors to and events in Mansfield

Landmarks of Mansfield and Landmarks of Richland – Stories behind significant architecture and public art

Literary Mansfield – Local authors, poets, and those who have participated in the literary world

Richland Roots – Our look at those from or who have lived in Richland County and made their mark in the world

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About — Exactly what it says; a look at things, places, and more

Please also share any ideas for entries in any of these series! You can reach us at: 1812blockhouse@gmail.com, or DM/message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (all at: @1812Blockhouse).


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