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Landmarks Of Richland: Most Pure Heart Of Mary Catholic Church

31 Jan , 2020  

It is apparent that the architect of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Shelby took particular pride in this building. After all, while the church was being built in the decade before the Great Depression, Toledo architect William R. Dowling actually moved his family to Shelby, living at 216 West Main Street for two to three years. Read More

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Landmarks Of Richland: Sacred Heart Of Jesus Church

10 Oct , 2019  

Approaching this spot in Sharon Township from any direction, its spire can be seen for miles as it rises majestically across the flat plains. For over 180 years, the church for the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Shelby Settlement, also known as Bethlehem or “The Settlement,” has been a landmark of faith and family. Read More


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Landmarks of Richland: The Bellville Bandstand

6 Jun , 2019  

How historically important is the Bellville Bandstand? Consider the fact the it is featured in “Source Book of American Architecture: 500 Notable Buildings from the 10th Century to the Present” by G.E. Kidder Smith and published by Princeton Architectural Press. Read More

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Landmarks Of Richland: Historic Downtown Plymouth

12 Mar , 2019  

One could say that the village center of Plymouth might be termed a “One-Half Landmark of Richland,” as Main Street, the downtown’s main thoroughfare, straddles the Richland County – Huron County line. It would be hard to argue, however, that its downtown boasts one of the most intact sets of nineteenth century commercial buildings in north central Ohio. And, as of December of last year, it is also an area recognized as significant by its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Read More

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Landmarks of Richland: All Souls Church

27 Jan , 2019  

For over 120 years, the members of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Bellville have provided a high degree of care for the building their foreparents built – literally. The building on Church Street serves a congregation whose roots in southern Richland County date back almost 200 years – to 1822. Originally occupying another structure in the village, the present structure was constructed between 1894 and 1897. Read More

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Landmarks Of Richland: The Tubbs-Sourwine House

25 Nov , 2018  

The local Plymouth landmark known as the Tubbs-Sourwine House has long had a connection with the rail line it faces. Constructed on a rise at 49 Railroad Street between 1867 and 1870, it was originally the home of Henry Bitley and Eve Reed Tubbs. Read More

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Introducing Landmarks of Richland

30 Mar , 2018  

Over the last year and a half, we have shared some stories about 34 historic buildings, monuments, and other community icons that grace the streets of Mansfield. Like you, we have learned a great deal not only about these landmarks and their builders, but also about the families that lived and worked in many of them. We are continuing that series in the coming weeks and months, but we’re also expanding it a bit. Welcome to Landmarks of Richland. Read More