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Landmarks Of Richland: Most Pure Heart Of Mary Catholic Church

3 Dec , 2018  

It is apparent that the architect of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Shelby took particular pride in this building.

After all, while the church was being built in the decade before the Great Depression, Toledo architect William R. Dowling actually moved his family to Shelby, living at 216 West Main Street for two to three years. More…

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The Yesteryears Of Channels 3, 5, 8, 43, And More

2 Dec , 2018  

It’s an opportunity to turn back the clock and step back into the past of television and radio history.

In particular, it provides a look at the yesteryears of Cleveland TV and radio stations and the shows and personalities it featured. Think of it as one part Hoolihan and Big Chuck, another Dorothy Fuldheim, and another Gene Caroll. More…

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Landmarks Of Richland: The Tubbs-Sourwine House

25 Nov , 2018  

The local Plymouth landmark known as the Tubbs-Sourwine House has long had a connection with the rail line it faces.

Constructed on a rise at 49 Railroad Street between 1867 and 1870, it was originally the home of Henry Bitley and Eve Reed Tubbs. More…

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Summer Session To Focus On Sultana Diaster

18 Jul , 2018  

On April 27, 1865, a boat exploded on the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee. In the worst maritime disaster in American history, some 1,192 passengers were killed. 357 of that number were Ohioans, and 101 of those 357 – one-tenth of those who perished — were from Richland County. More…


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The Bridges of Richland County

8 Jun , 2018  

Here’s a summer road trip idea for you, right here in Richland County. Why not visit one or more of the county’s historic and notable bridges?

According to the website, there are no less than 29 of them in both city and rural settings. More…


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Former Richland County Community Celebrates A Family’s Bicentennial

4 May , 2018  

RichHistory Weekend is almost here, an opportunity to visit venues that showcase the extraordinary history of this part of Ohio. It’s the second annual presentation, sponsored by the RichHistory Alliance, a consortium of heritage venues in Richland County.

Our story about the weekend is here, and includes an overall schedule with links to additional information. More…


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It’s Time To Go Back In Time In Richland County

30 Apr , 2018  

This coming weekend, May 5 and 6, Richland Countians and visitors will celebrate unique stories and landmarks that combine to enhance our sense of place.

It’s called RichHistory Weekend. For the second year, this event will showcase venues from across Richland County that celebrate the area’s rich past. Included will be tours, demonstrations, exhibits, and more. More…

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Richland Roots: A Photographer Of War And The West: Part Two

8 Apr , 2018  

We’re continuing our look at the life and work of native Richland Countian Stanley J. Morrow, who was born near Bellville in 1843 and who was trained by famed Civil War photographer Mathew Brady.

Stanley Morrow’s studio in Yankton, Dakota Territory did well. So well, in fact, that Morrow soon opened a branch operation across the Missouri River in Nebraska. Still, he had a sense of adventure, perhaps cultivated in his Civil War experience. Over time, that sense led him to leave the family home and studio and travel westward; each time, he left his wife in charge of the local operation which continued to thrive. More…

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Richland Roots: A Photographer Of War And The West: Part One

7 Apr , 2018  

Throughout its history, Richland County has produced or been the home to a wide variety of individuals that have made important contributions to the world. Among those is a man who learned his trade under extraordinary circumstances, and then used that training to create an important record that survives to this day.

Born near Bellville in 1843, Stanley J. Morrow’s childhood years were contemporaneous with the rise of photography in the United States. More…

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Richland Roots: Lloyd Garrison Wheeler: Part Two

19 Mar , 2018  

Part One of our first Richland Roots profile on Mansfield native Lloyd Garrison Wheeler can be accessed here.

When Lloyd and Ranie Wheeler made their move to from Illinois to Arkansas in 1870, they had good timing. Just one year later, 3.3 square miles of the central part of Chicago were destroyed by fire.

On the other hand, Reconstruction-era Arkansas was a very difficult location for Wheeler as he set out to establish a law practice. Family legend says that a billy club found within his effects after his death was protection in case he might become the target of Ku Klux Klan activity. More…

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Richland Roots: Lloyd Garrison Wheeler: Part One

18 Mar , 2018  

This is the first of our new series of Richland Roots, a look at county residents who have generated a history worth noting.

Shortly before his death in 1909, a husband and wife from Chicago boarded a train and headed south, their destination a relatively new place of higher education in rural Alabama. The couple was no stranger to southern life, having spent years living in Arkansas some three decades before. On this occasion, however, the man was leaving behind a set of business difficulties and accepting a position which had been offered to him by a long-time friend. More…

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Richland Roots Begins Sunday

17 Mar , 2018  

From our very first posts, 1812Blockhouse has been sharing a mixture of news and information with occasional articles on the amazing stories of this amazing place in which we live and work.

Revitalization has been a local buzzword recently. The experience of communities across the country has shown that revitalization is both achievable and sustainable if it has roots – in other words, if it speaks to the dynamic that makes a place unique and sets it apart. One word for this is “authenticity.” More…

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A Street By Any Other Name Would Still Be Paved

8 Mar , 2018  

We came across this fact recently and thought we’d share with our readers.

One of Richland County’s many streets has two names – one official, and the other honorary. The Village of Plymouth website shares the following interesting message: More…

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