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Local Health Clinics Delaying Opening On Wednesday

24 Jan , 2023  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

With severe weather expected to impact much of Richland and Crawford counties on Wednesday, March 25, Third Street Family Health Services will delay opening. The community health clinic and all of its campuses will delay by two hours. All locations will open at 10 a.m.

“For the safety of patients and staff, we are continuing to monitor weather conditions,” said Javar Jackson, chief operating officer. “If conditions deteriorate and closures are required, we plan to keep patients updated.”

Current campuses with open delays and closures include:



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Mobile Richland: Get Where You Need To Go With OHGO

20 Aug , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

With this post, 1812Blockhouse presents a new series looking at interesting websites with good mobile interfaces that come to our attention, ones that also have some connection to Mansfield and Richland County or which can be helpful to our readers.

We’re calling it: Mobile Richland.

Today we’re looking at a site already used by many Ohio commuters and travelers but, in case you were unaware of it, might make your life a bit easier. This is particularly true as this week heavy snow is hitting north central Ohio in earnest for the first time in many months. More…

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Winter Weather Advisory Issued For Monday And Tuesday

30 Nov , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Richland Countians have a variety of opinions about the white stuff that falls from the sky each winter.

Whatever your own personal view might be, it’s clearly time to get ready for snow, as this week’s weather forecast is calling for north central Ohio’s first snowfall — and accumulation — of the season.

On Sunday afternoon, the National Weather Service in Cleveland issued a Winter Weather Advisory for a wide area of Ohio, including for here in Richland County. A low pressure system will move northeast, creating the conditions for snow from west to east on Monday and Monday night.

The Advisory is in effect from 4:00 Monday afternoon to 9:00 PM on Tuesday. More…


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Richland Public Health Shares Latest Wind Chill, Weather Warnings

30 Jan , 2019  

From Richland Public Health:

A Wind Chill Warning for the entire area from this evening to Thursday afternoon. Dangerously cold wind chills are expected to last for a couple days and could be life-threatening.

What to expect: …Frigid Temperatures with Extremely Dangerous Wind Chills Expected This Evening Through Thursday Afternoon for all of Northern Ohio and Northwest PA. More…


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There’s Snow Kidding About It: That Was A Big Storm

22 Jan , 2019  

Numbers don’t tend to lie, particularly when they are generated by careful observation.

By many measures, this past weekend’s winter storm, given the name “Winter Storm Harper” by the powers that be, was an atypical one. That conclusion was borne out by numbers shared by the National Weather Service in Cleveland in terms of the month to date snowfall amounts and temperatures as of 5 PM on Monday evening. More…

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The Art Of Safe Winter Walking

9 Jan , 2018  

Walking in winter weather, including snow and ice, is something that people either have to do or like to do. But as Richland Public Health recently shared, be aware of the unique safety hazards associated with winter weather while “walking in a winter wonderland.”

In Ohio in 2016, driving in snow or freezing rain caused 13,5894 crashes that included 26 fatalities and 3,623 injuries. 140 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes that year although not all were weather-related. More…

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Public Shelter and Warming Center Location Open Through Sunday

30 Dec , 2017  

Updated on Tuesday evening, January 2 — The Richland County Emergency Management Agency has announced that a Public Shelter/Warming Center has been opened at St. Luke’s Point of Grace Church, 2 Marion Avenue in Mansfield.

The Shelter/Center will be open continuously throughout this extremely cold period of time stating this evening at 6 PM and continuing until Tuesday, January 2 at 9 AM (NOTE – This has now been extended through Sunday morning, January 7, at 9 AM). More…



Mild Or Cold This Winter? Wet Or Dry?

10 Nov , 2017  

Will Ohio have another mild winter like the last two, or will Mother Nature deal the Buckeye State a cold, cruel blast of winter weather? The experts are not sure.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center, La Nin᷈a may emerge for the second time as “the biggest wildcard” in how this year’s winter will be. Ohio may be wetter and warmer than normal this season. More…

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Annual PUCO Winter Reconnect Program Details Announced

20 Sep , 2017  

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has approved the Winter Reconnect Order to help Ohioans reconnect or maintain electric and natural gas service during the winter heating season between Oct. 16, 2017 and April 13, 2018. Any customer of a PUCO-regulated electric or natural gas utility may take advantage of the order. Last winter heating season, more than 228,000 Ohio utility customers utilized the PUCO’s Winter Reconnect Order. More…


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Join In A Winter Hike For Health

28 Jan , 2017  

Richland Public Health’s “Winter Hike for Health” on Saturday, February 11, will be in two locations. In addition to the traditional hike at Malabar Farm State Park, Gorman Nature Center in Mansfield is joining in the day’s healthy fun.

Enjoy the winter wonderland with hikes through the woods at either location from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Hikes are self-guided on easy trails so everyone in the family can participate. Adults must accompany children. More…

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