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Head To The Blockhouse This Weekend

11 Jun , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

It’s always great here at 1812Blockhouse when we can promote our namesake local landmark, the Blockhouse in Mansfield’s South Park.

Such is the case today, as Richland Early American Center for History (REACH) has announced that the Blockhouse and the adjacent log cabin will be open to the public. The fun will take place this Saturday, June 12, and this Sunday, June 13, from 1 until 3 PM.

If you haven’t been to South Park recently, you can observe work on the blacksmithing and woodworking shop and on the nearby garden. More…

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History & Tourism

The Past Came Alive This Weekend

5 Oct , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

There were times on Sunday afternoon when 1812Blockhouse visited the American Heritage Days at South Park, hosted by the Richland Early American Center for History (REACH), when it seemed as if we had taken a quick 200 year-plus journey to the past.

From some angles, all one could see were period buildings and reeanctors going about the site.

There was an occasional tiny modern intrusion. As we took the photo of one reenactor, he suggested that we take another shot as he had his cell phone in front of him — something we confess that we hadn’t even noticed! More…

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All About Richland

Food Truck Lovers Unite!

21 Sep , 2019  

Food trucks may not seem to be as prevalent in our neck of the woods as they are in places like Columbus or Cleveland, but the Mansfield Department of Parks and Recreation is working to create more awareness for our local food truck industry. The second annual Food Truck Festival is scheduled for October 11, beginning at 11:00 AM and running until 6:00 PM (or later) at South Park in Mansfield. More…

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History & Tourism

Turn The Clock Back Over 200 Years This Weekend

4 Sep , 2018  

You are invited to “reach” back to the past as the City of Mansfield Parks Department hosts and the Richland Early American Center for History holds the Fourth Annual Living History Days at South Park.

The event takes place over two days, Saturday September 8 from 10 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday September 9 from 10 AM to 4 PM, and is free to the public. More…

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History & Tourism

Weekend Event To Provide Window To The Past

4 Sep , 2017  

This coming weekend, Mansfield’s South Park will act as a time machine of sorts, giving contemporary men, women, and children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of late 18th century and early 19th century America.

Hosted by the Richland Early American Center for History, Living History Days will take place on Saturday, September 9 from 10 AM to 5 PM, and again on Sunday, September 10 from 10 AM until 4 PM. The event is free to the public. More…

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History & Tourism

Cabin Work Begins Again; Goal To Complete By September

30 Jun , 2017  

A visitor to South Park these days would be hard pressed to miss the worksite where the past is being recreated.

With a few modern exceptions, the area in front of the Blockhouse resembles something out of a history book as the log cabin project of the Richland Early American Center for History (REACH) is beginning to take shape. More…

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All About Richland, History & Tourism

Eighteenth Century Christmas Planned

10 Dec , 2016  

Ever wondered how many current holiday traditions have their roots in the ways that previous generations of Americans commemorated the Christmas holiday?

Here’s one way to gain some insight into that question. Richland Early American Center for History, or “REACH,’ will be presenting an Open House and “18th Century Christmas Celebration” next week. More…

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All About Richland, History & Tourism

Foundation To Be Dug For Log House In South Park

28 Oct , 2016  

The Blockhouse is about to get some company

The City of Mansfield has announced that work is to begin soon on a project in South Park. REACH (Richland Early American Center for History), with the help of volunteer labor, will be digging the foundation for the early 1800’s log house that was disassembled and moved into storage on September 4. This event will take place on Sunday, October 30 beginning at 8:30 AM in South Park. More…

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