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Shelby Building Included On Statewide Endangered List

18 Jun , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

When the 2021 List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites was recently announced by Preservation Ohio, Ohio’s original statewide preservation organization, a Richland County building was included.

Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites is unique in that it highlights historic buildings and sites submitted from local citizens and advocates, each hoping to bring attention and to identify ways to give important historic properties a future. Out of the many properties nominated this year, Preservation Ohio’s board was tasked with choosing the most at risk. Eleven properties representing all areas of Ohio are included in this years edition.

This list has been issued since 1993 — first every other year, and then annually. More…

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Statewide Organization Seeks To Highlight Endangered Historic Sites

28 Mar , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

Preservation Ohio has issued its annual Call for Nominations for its list of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites.

Each year, the statewide organization searches for houses, commercial buildings, governmental structures, bridges, historic roadways, landscapes, downtowns, neighborhoods and other important pieces of Ohio history that face a potentially risky future. The list serves to highlight those properties which are both historically significant and endangered — whether it be by threats of demolition, long-term disinvestment or neglect, insensitive governmental action, uncertainty or indifference. Nominations for this important list have come from individuals, preservation organizations, downtown and neighborhood revitalization organizations, historical societies, historic road associations, local governments and other entities. More…


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Pssst.. There’s A Few Secrets In Downtown Mansfield

16 Sep , 2020  

Special To 1812Blockhouse

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) will hold the 2020 Secret City Tour on Saturday, September 19 from 10:00 AM to 4 PM.

Take a peek into some of Mansfield’s most exquisite historic buildings and architectural gems on this self-guided tour. With continued interest in downtown development, this tour offers a unique look to the past while challenging us to reimagine the future of these great spaces.

Buildings on the 2020 Secret City Tour will include: 129 North Main Street, 100 North Main Street (second floor), 159 North Walnut Street, 118 North Main Street (second floor), 80 West Third Street, 25 East Fourth Street (second floor), 86 East Fifth Street, 116 Penn Avenue. More…

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Mansfield, Delaware Holding “Secret,” “Hidden” Downtown Tours Next Month

27 Aug , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse, 1808Delaware

Now that social distancing, masks, and other guidelines have been established as the new “normal” — at least for the time being — non-profit organizations are working to return to programming.

For downtown organizations in Mansfield and Delaware, that means an opportunity to gain a rare peek inside buildings you pass every day. Both city centers are replete with older structures that present dynamic adaptive reuse potential.

These events will both take place in September. More…

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Shelby Celebrates Its Historic Downtown: With Photos

22 Aug , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Shelby, a community with a real sense of shared heritage, came together on a beautiful Friday morning to mark a milestone in preserving that history that took place 38 years ago.

Local government leaders and guests joined to dedicate a historic marker that commemorates placement of much of the downtown area on the National Register of Historic Places. This took place in 1982, Shelby Historic Preservation Commission Christina Drain told those assembled, however this is the first time that achievement has been publicly recognized. More…

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Hunting For History

26 Jun , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse

There are many, many fans of history and period architecture in Richland County.

We know this very well at 1812Blockhouse, as each new entry in our “Landmarks of Mansfield” and “Landmarks of Richland” series see the needle on our readership meter climb and climb.

This summer, those with an interest in the past can go on a bit of an adventure all across the county, as Downtown Mansfield, Inc. and Richland Preservation Action Group have teamed up on a scavenger hunt for history. More…

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Architect’s House Placed On National Register; Scofield Had Important Ties To Mansfield

24 Apr , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

A description of the work of Cleveland architect Levi T. Scofield states that there are only ten standing examples of his work.

Two of those structures are right here in Mansfield.

Those working to preserve Scofield’s landmark mansion in Cleveland have just secured the house’s place on the National Register of Historic Places, the country’s official compendium of properties with significant architectural and/or historic significance. More…

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Sacred Space Again: St. Matthew’s Is Coming Back To Life

15 Apr , 2020  

A truly amazing thing is currently happening at the corner of  Penn Avenue and Sherman Place in the Sherman’s Estate area of Mansfield. And, even in this time of intense uncertainty, something for which the future was anything but certain is now springing back to life and to a renewed sense of purpose.

When the former St. Matthew Lutheran Church was purchased earlier this year, it came into the hands of a family with a close connection to the story of both the building and the congregation. Starting on February 7, it has been the focus of intense work.

“Preservation is the biggest part,” James Dollish shared with 1812Blockhouse on Tuesday afternoon. Dollish explained that he couldn’t bear to see stained glass or pews removed and sold with the building possibly demolished in the process if it landed in other hands. More…

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Own An Older Home? This Workshop Is For You!

6 Nov , 2019  

If you live in an older home here in North Central Ohio, we have just the workshop for you!

The Richland Area Preservation Group (RPAG) is hosting a 3-day workshop event to teach participants how to fix and restore wood windows, in order to bring them back to operation and increase a home’s aesthetic appeal. They have engaged Blind Eye Restoration, LLC to lead the workshop. More…

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Readers Share Sears House Locations

1 Sep , 2019  

Our recent story on the potential for finding houses in Mansfield which were purchased from Sears, Roebuck & Company generated a good amount of online comment and the sharing of actual house locations. That post can be read here: Hey, I Saw Your House In A Catalog: Sears Houses In Mansfield.

And, as it turns out, these types of houses can be found in many corners of Richland County. More…

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Historic News: Downtown Buildings Placed On National Register

31 Jul , 2019  

In a press release shared on Monday afternoon, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) announced that a portion of Mansfield’s central city is now officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In its press release, DMI shared: “Our National Register listing will offer new opportunities and benefits in our effort to preserve the history of Downtown Mansfield. More…

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RichHistory Weekend: Secret City Tour

30 Apr , 2019  

This week we’ll be looking at events at a handful of the venues participating in this coming weekend’s RichHistory Weekend. Fifteen Richland County sites are participating in this edition, and History for Children is the focus of this year’s lineup of family-friendly events. A “Passport to History” is being distributed to fourth grade elementary school history classes, with teacher information packets. Each site will have prizes, and students obtaining passport stamps from four different sites will be entered in a prize drawing.

A part of RichHistory Weekend since its first year, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) will hold its 2019 Secret City Tour on Saturday, May 4 beginning at 10:00 AM. More…

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Nominations Open For Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites

11 Apr , 2019  

Preservation Ohio, the state’s original statewide historic preservation organization, is currently accepting nominations for the 2019 List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites.

The annual List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites has been issued on either a biannual or annual basis since 1993. The list highlights historically significant Ohio properties that face a risky future due to demolition, disinvestment or indifference. More…


Secret City Tour Tickets Available

5 Mar , 2019  

Tickets for this year’s edition of one of Mansfield’s favorite tours are now on sale.

As a part of RichHistory Weekend, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. will again be hosting the Secret City Tour downtown. This annual event is an opportunity to peek behind the front door of several of the city’s interesting spaces with great reuse potential. More…

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The Ghosts Of Hidden Mansfield Architecture

31 Oct , 2018  

In honor of Halloween, we’re asking you to join us in a look behind closed doors in downtown Mansfield. These ghosts of the city’a past could be a vital part of an exciting future with some attention and investment.

In 2012, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. joined statewide organization Preservation Ohio in hosting the Forbidden City Tour. On a warm June afternoon, several downtown buildings, rarely open to the public, were available for tours. Hundreds attended. More…

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