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Mansfield City Council will review an ordinance during its Tuesday evening meeting that could authorize the expenditure of up to $250,000 to Frelinda, LLC, from Grant Fund #224. This funding is intended to support the historic renovation of the properties located at 25-29 East Third Street as part of the Downtown Development Incentive Program.

Preserving Mansfield’s Architectural Heritage

The Downtown Development Incentive Program, backed by funds from a 2022 grant from the Richland County Foundation, aims to breathe new life into downtown Mansfield by preserving its historic structures. This initiative seeks to encourage the redevelopment of existing properties, promote the development of new properties, and enhance residential opportunities within the area.

The Historic Significance of 25-29 East Third Street

The buildings at 25-29 East Third Street are more than just old structures; they are a testament to Mansfield’s rich architectural heritage. Built in 1881 and 1907, these properties feature iconic sandstone facades that reflect the metropolitan flair of their era. One was originally home to the Richland County Mutual Insurance Company and the buildings have long stood as landmarks in downtown Mansfield.

The properties were acquired by Frelinda, LLC, in March 2024 for $220,000, having been previously owned by Don Nash Limited Inc. since 1962. Frelinda, established in 2023, now aims to restore these historic buildings to their former glory, ensuring they continue to contribute to the city’s historical landscape.

Showcasing the Vision for Restoration

Council members will have the opportunity to review numerous images of the buildings, both exterior and interior, included in the council packet. These visuals provide a glimpse into the current condition of the properties and the ambitious restoration plans envisioned by Frelinda, LLC. The project was recently highlighted in this spring’s Secret City Tour, offering the public a first look at the potential for these historic buildings.

Impact of the Renovation

The proposed renovation of 25-29 East Third Street is a critical step in preserving Mansfield’s architectural legacy while adapting these structures for modern use. The project is expected to significantly enhance the downtown area by attracting new residents and businesses, thus stimulating local economic growth.

Community and Economic Benefits

The renovation of these historic buildings is more than a preservation effort; it is a catalyst for revitalizing downtown Mansfield. By maintaining the historical integrity of the area, the project aims to create a vibrant residential and commercial hub that will draw people to the heart of the city. This aligns with the broader goals of the Downtown Development Incentive Program, which seeks to foster community engagement and economic development through thoughtful redevelopment.

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