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In central Ohio, the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools learned this week that it been awarded the prestigious Momentum Award for the 2022-2023 academic year from the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce. This achievement was heralded earlier this week via the schools’ social media platforms, sparking community celebration and state-wide recognition.

The Momentum Award is not merely a plaque on a wall; it signifies a leap in academic performance, with Plymouth-Shiloh’s index jumping by three or more points. More than that, it’s a nod to the four-star value-added rating they received—an honor reserved for those who exceed growth standards in student learning. Behind this success is a cadre of dedicated professionals. Teachers, administrators, and support staff have been lauded for their exceptional efforts, highlighting a community united by a common goal: to propel each student to their highest potential.

This accolade extends its influence beyond school grounds, anticipating a brighter future shaped by today’s well-rounded students. It reflects an educational environment ripe with opportunities, laying the groundwork for the leaders of tomorrow.

Superintendent Bradley Turson shared the following in response:

“I was informed this morning that our district has received the Momentum Award from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce for the results on our 2022-23 report card. The award is based on improvement of at least 3 or more on the performance index and receiving a value-added score of 4 or more stars.

I would personally like to congratulate all teachers, administrators, and support staff for their work collectively to make this recognition possible for our district. Putting students first to provide the best education possible for all continues to lead to achievement, growth and success in our district. The impact you continue to make on our students continues to make a difference in their lives. Thank you for continuing to build pride and provide motivation for all involved with our district.”

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