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OSU Regional Campuses Spotlighted

23 Mar , 2017  

This week, The Ohio State University turned a feature spotlight on its regional campuses, including OSU Mansfield.

In a story on its website entitled “A Regional Renaissance,” the University looks at ways its operations in regional settings are changing to meet network-wide goals.

“Ohio State’s regional campuses all have plans that support a system-wide vision of improving learning environments and access. Campuses in Lima, Marion, Mansfield, Newark and Wooster continue to serve as important access points for students throughout the state. These campuses continue to evolve, advance and create new opportunities for their students and communities. Here is a look at some of the new and exciting developments happening on Ohio State campuses throughout the state,” it shared.

Mansfield Campus Highlighted

In a section highlighting the Mansfield campus, mention is made of the Campus Business District Town Center Framework Plan, and how that document can bring the school and the Richland County community closer together.

That plan, which can be accessed at this location online, profiles current conditions, conducts a market analysis, and concludes with the development of a market strategy. Prepared with assistance from the OSU School of Architecture and the Fisher College of Business, it’s a very interesting plan that suggests ambitious development of the area just east of Lexington-Springmill and north of Walker Lake Road (see page 62).

The result will serve “…as a catalyst for cohesive interaction with the community; and support…faculty, students, and community with an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment.”

“A Regional Renaissance” may be accessed here.

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