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Here at 1812Blockhouse we recognize the unique connection that Mansfield and Richland County have to The Ohio State University (as home to one of its regional campuses) by sharing updates on university news and developments.

This week, we bring news of a new way that OSU is connecting with the wider community – through podcasting.

The new “Now at Ohio State” podcast brings to the fore fascinating narratives showcasing how the numerous communities are positively influenced by the efforts of Ohio State’s researchers, faculty, staff, students, and leaders. With their commitment to research and innovation, community outreach, engagement, and fostering strong relationships, Ohio State is stepping up to provide the answers required by the world today.

Two episodes have been published to date:

EPISODE 1 23-minute listen

Artificial Intelligence: From the Lab to Real Life

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is having a moment right now. From chatbots to image and music production and more, it’s changing how we work and how we think. In this episode, we talk with two Ohio State experts about AI’s current state, how we can harness and improve it and what the future holds.

EPISODE 2 23-minute listen

The Power of Creativity

Creativity comes in many forms and can impact our lives in myriad ways. And, despite what some people think, everyone has the power to be creative. In this episode, we talk with two Ohio State experts about nurturing your own creativity — and how creativity helps us change our society and our world.

You can listen to the Now at Ohio State Podcast on: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

Image by Studio_Iris from Pixabay

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