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The Madison Local Schools Board of Education meeting met on Wednesday night with discussions, presentations, and decisions that reflect the community’s commitment to education.

Introduction of Upward Bound Program

A correction was made to the agenda to include a presentation by Jacob Gillum, the program director of the Upward Bound program.

Gillum introduced the Upward Bound program, emphasizing its success in both its Academic Year and summer phase. He explained how the program helps students understand technology, skills-based knowledge, and provides a residential experience to simulate college life. Gillum also expressed his desire to recruit 25 new students and bring more resources into the programs he serves.

School Updates, Achievements, and Community Connection

This section of the meeting was filled with updates on various school activities and achievements:

  • Sports Achievements: Updates on girls’ soccer, tennis, boys’ golf, and cross country were shared.
  • School Projects: Completion of the high school window project, cafeteria renovations, and other maintenance work were highlighted.
  • Adult Education Programs: Success in medical maintenance, phlebotomy, EKG, and STNA programs were discussed.
  • Community Video: A professionally made video was shown, emphasizing Madison’s community values and vision of creating endless opportunities for students.

Financial Matters and Future Planning

The board reviewed the financial status of the school district, focusing on the revenues and expenditures for July. The discussion highlighted the fact that expenditures exceeded revenues, which was expected as the state Foundation was the only revenue source at that time.

Also discussed was the deficit, which was noted to be slightly better than the previous year, reflecting positive financial management; and the impact of retirements: The reason for reduced expenditures in July was attributed to retirements, particularly those higher on the pay scale.

The board also discussed donations and local revenue:

  • Approval of Corporate Donations: The board approved donations from corporations, expressing gratitude for their support.
  • Local Revenue Analysis: An analysis of local revenue per pupil was presented, comparing Madison with the state average and other districts. The per-pupil perspective was emphasized as essential for a fair comparison.

The upcoming levy and its potential impact on the school district were central to the discussion:

  • Research and Planning: The board acknowledged that they were still researching and planning the potential reductions if the levy doesn’t pass. They emphasized the importance of being thorough and ensuring that all considerations were made.
  • Reluctance to Make Reductions: It was made clear that the board did not desire for the levy to fail and have to make reductions. They were taking their time to ensure that they had all necessary information before finalizing the list of potential cuts.
  • Emphasis on Instructional Spending: The board also highlighted that their spending was focused on instructional needs, not frivolous items. This was seen as evidence of the district’s commitment to education and might be used to justify the need for the levy.

The board also touched on adult education and community engagement:

  • Adult Diploma Program: The importance of the adult diploma program was discussed, especially considering over 8,000 people in Richland County between the ages of 18 and 64 without a GED or high school diploma.
  • Customized Training and Consultation: The board mentioned offering customized training and consultation to improve communication with both prospective and enrolled students.

Finally, the Board made several decisions related to personnel and facilities, including management personnel matters, superintendent’s business (including records disposal), and facility improvements including renovations in cosmetology and support from corporations for the Machining program.

Source: Madison Local Schools; Photo: Creative Commons License

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