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Ohio’s 22 legacy cities are treasure troves of resources that contribute substantially to the state’s economic vibrancy and cultural richness. These cities stand as homes to Ohio’s historical significance and its ongoing journey towards future prosperity. The Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) has embarked on an ambitious project to chart these invaluable assets, creating a comprehensive map that details the economic and cultural gems scattered across the state.

The initiative by the GOPC offers a visual and interactive exploration of Ohio’s most significant assets. This diverse collection includes hospitals, universities, colleges, technical schools, major employers, museums, art institutions, parks, cultural and historic sites, professional sports teams, and leading philanthropic organizations. Such a wide array of assets highlights the multifaceted appeal of Ohio’s legacy cities, showcasing their potential to spur job creation, attract tourism, and enhance the quality of life for residents.

The assets identified in the GOPC’s map are more than just points on a chart; they are the pillars that support Ohio’s economy and cultural landscape. These institutions not only offer employment opportunities and education but also serve as hubs of innovation, art, and community spirit.

The mapping project is an open invitation for collaboration. Recognizing that their initial map may not capture every asset, the GOPC encourages the public to contribute to this evolving platform. Casey Terry, the Research Manager at GOPC, has called for input from residents and stakeholders to identify any missing assets. This collaborative approach ensures that the map remains a living document, continuously updated to reflect the dynamic landscape of Ohio’s legacy cities.

In addition to mapping cultural and economic assets, the GOPC has taken a step further to create detailed maps of Ohio Senate and House Districts for these 22 cities. This political cartography provides valuable insights into the legislative framework governing these regions, offering a clearer understanding of how political boundaries intersect with economic and cultural landscapes.

The Greater Ohio Policy Center’s initiative is more than just a mapping project; it’s a celebration of Ohio’s past, present, and future. By bringing to light the diverse assets that populate the state’s legacy cities, GOPC is not only charting a course for economic and cultural development but also inviting Ohioans and visitors alike to rediscover the richness of these communities.

For more information, to explore the maps, or to contribute to this valuable project, visit Greater Ohio Policy Center’s website.

Source: Greater Ohio; Image: Destination Mansfield – Richland County

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