County Engineer Seeking Comments On Shelby Bridge Project

26 Jun , 2021  

Richland County plans to replace a single span bridge on Smiley Avenue within the City of Shelby.

This is an ODOT LPA project located on Smiley Ave (CR57) within the City of Shelby. The location can be found here.

The proposed project consists of replacing a single span steel pony truss bridge with a single span composite prestressed precast concrete box beam bridge on pile supported reinforced concrete integral abutments.  The proposed structure will be 87 feet long, 24 feet of vehicle lane width, with 5 foot sidewalks on each side of the bridge More…

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ODOT Seeks Comments On State Route 39 Bridge Replacement Project

18 Dec , 2020  

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ODOT is planning to let a bridge replacement project located on State Route 39 (Mulberry Street) within the city of Mansfield.

The existing bridge will be replaced with a new 54-foot wide, single-span bridge with concrete parapets and with twin steel tubing and 6-foot wide sidewalk on both sides. The bridge project will impact approximately 194-feet of Touby Run to replace this bridge. Approximately 0.09 acres of suitable wooded habitat for listed bat species will be removed for this project. To avoid impacts to listed bat species during summer roosting, all trees will be removed between October 1 and March 31.