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Mansfield Firefighters Union Votes No Confidence In Fire Chief

24 Jun , 2022  

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The following press release has been issued by International Association of Fire Fighters Local 266:

“During a recent general membership meeting, Mansfield Professional Fire Fighters approved a resolution to rescind their confidence in Fire Chief Steve Strickling.

“Mansfield firefighters are dedicated to keeping the citizens of Mansfield safe. This is our job, our calling, and we can no longer stand idle while Chief Strickling jeopardizes this community’s safety,” said Matt Shafley, president of IAFF 266, the organization representing Mansfield firefighters, said in a news release Thursday.

The “Vote of No Confidence” comes after months of poor decision-making, ineffective policy implementation, and workplace discrimination, all of which have led to an all-time low in employee morale. “Mansfield citizens deserve to know that when it comes to their safety, they are being protected by the very best. Our firefighters strive to provide that level of service. Unfortunately, Chief Strickling lacks the trust among firefighters and has created a work environment that is so toxic that he can no longer lead our department and provide the public safety standards this community deserves.”

“The safety of Mansfield citizens should be the top priority of this administration. This resolution is a first step to correcting many issues that have threatened the safety of our community and the firefighters that protect it. Mansfield firefighters are committed to working with city leaders to make any corrections necessary before further damage is done to the safety of this community, the integrity of our department and the dedicated members sworn to serve our citizens. We hope that this action will encourage our elected decision makers to act in the best interest of Mansfield residents; but be assured that no matter who the chief may be, Mansfield firefighters are prepared to do our very best with the resources we have been provided to keep our citizens safe.””

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