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In a significant development for Richland County, Mansfield Memorial Homes has been awarded the largest grant in the latest round of Ohio’s energy efficiency funding, receiving $1.35 million from the state’s Advanced Energy Fund.

This fund, part of a broader $8.5 million initiative led by Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Development, aims to support energy-saving projects across various sectors in Ohio.

A Major Boost for Local Senior Care

Mansfield Memorial Homes, long involved in local senior care, plans to use this substantial grant to implement a series of energy efficiency upgrades. These enhancements include modernizing the HVAC system, installing state-of-the-art HVAC controls, upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, and adding a solar power system. This project is not just a facility upgrade but a step forward in sustainable care, promising to reduce the home’s annual utility costs by an impressive 25 percent.

Strategic Investment for Environmental and Economic Health

Governor DeWine praised the initiative, stating, “Investing in energy efficiency projects is a catalyst for economic growth and community well-being.” He highlighted the importance of these upgrades in reducing operational costs and enhancing the environmental footprint of vital community facilities like Mansfield Memorial Homes.

Lydia Mihalik, director of the Department of Development, emphasized the broader implications of such investments. “Whether it’s upgrading to LED lighting or implementing innovative energy solutions, every step forward paves the way for a brighter future for our environment and frees up resources for reinvestment – driving prosperity and enhancing livelihoods across Ohio,” Mihalik remarked.

Impact on the Community

By receiving the largest grant in this funding round, Mansfield Memorial Homes is set to become a leading example of how targeted financial support can foster significant environmental and economic benefits. The project underscores a key goal of the Advanced Energy Fund: to ensure that energy efficiency projects have tangible and measurable impacts on community welfare and sustainability.

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