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Learn The Basics Of Backpacking

7 Apr , 2019  

Are you considering starting out on the trail to take a trail, but are unsure how to begin planning for that kind of trip?

First time backpackers can be overwhelmed with the amount of conscious, critical, and calculated decisions that come with planning a backpacking trip. Be it a segment of the 1,444 Buckeye Trail that rings the state, a weekend trip on the Appalachian Trail, or even a multi-week trip to conquer Mount Everest, gear selection is the first step in coordinating a successful trip.

Backpacking Basics for Beginners takes place from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, April 27 at the Gorman Nature Center.

This program is designed for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who have little or no backpacking experience in a mountain or wilderness environment. Topics will be explored related to equipment selection and packing, meal planning and cooking, water treatment, and approaches to hydration, food storage and caching strategies, leave no trace principals, basic land navigation with maps, and many other backpacking skills.

The program will end with a naturalist-led hike through GNC property. By the end of this program, attendees will have a foundation upon which to build more advanced wilderness and backpacking skills. This program will be led by Kyle Bailey.


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