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Good And Bad News Results From Underage Purchase Checks

29 Nov , 2016  

The good news is that the vast majority of the 91 business in Richland County where underage alcohol or tobacco sales were attempted passed the test by refusing the purchase.

The bad news is that 15 of those establishments failed the test.

METRICH has released the following:

“On November 22, the METRICH Enforcement Unit with assistance from the Community Action for Capable Youth (CACY) conducted alcohol and tobacco compliance checks throughout various businesses in Richland County.

Youths under the age of 21 were taken to 91 businesses in Richland County where they attempted to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. Ohio Law forbids the sale of tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age and the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age.

The businesses that sold alcoholic beverages to underage person were:

  1. Interstate Marathon 495 Woodville Rd. Mansfield
    2. Walmart 2485 Possum Run Rd. Mansfield
    3. Quick Mart 563 South Diamond St. Mansfield
    4. Lexington Ave. Drive Thru 261 Lexington Ave. Mansfield
    5. Speedway Station 907 Springmill Rd. Mansfield
    6. Mountain Drive Thru 481 Springmill Rd. Mansfield
    7. Country Side 2256 Park Ave East Mansfield
    8. Valero Station 1605 W. 4th St. Ontario
    9. Circle K 98 Lexington Ave. Mansfield
    10. Park Ave. Drive Thru 295 Park Ave. West Mansfield

The businesses that sold tobacco products to underage persons were:

  1. Marathon Station 2424 Possum Run Rd. Mansfield
    2. Circle K 30 E. Cook Rd. Mansfield
    3. Matt’s Marathon 1215 Lexington Ave. Mansfield
    4. Speedway Station 2827 U.S. Rt. 42 South Lexington
    5. Geyer’s 280 E. Main St. Lexington

The Ohio Investigative Unit will review the alcoholic beverage related cases and further charges may be filed on the liquor permit holder of each business. Those individuals that were cited will be required to appear in the appropriate court where the violation occurred.

The 81 businesses that were checked and were compliant are commended for being vigilant in ensuring their employees are checking identification of persons purchasing alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. By choosing to be compliant with the laws of Ohio, those business owners are taking responsibility to help keep our children in Richland County safe.

Unannounced compliance checks will continue to be conducted in the future to ensure strict compliance to the alcohol and tobacco laws.”

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