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Feed The Turtles, And The Snakes, And The Toads

13 Sep , 2017  

Did you know that the Gorman Nature Center is happy allow visitors to enjoy the unique experience of feeding the Center’s educational animals?

Each and every Thursday, through the end of October, the Center allows you to join in the process of dishing out food to some pretty cool creatures. There are over 40 native animals on hand, used for display and educational purposes, and it takes a good deal of work to keep them happy and healthy.

This is an opportunity for kids of all ages to get “up close and personal” with all of their animals. Participants will help with feeding, assist with cage cleaning, changing water bowls, and much more.

This is an excellent chance for some hands-on time with snakes, turtles, frogs, toads, and salamanders.

So, whaddya say? If interested, call for more information at 419 884 3764.


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