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Richland County stands ready for another transformative period in its infrastructure development. Guided by County Engineer Adam Gove, the county is undertaking significant projects to enhance its transportation network. With 347 miles of roadway and 359 bridges under its jurisdiction, the County Engineer’s Office is pivotal in ensuring the safety and efficiency of travel for all residents.

Current Initiatives: Strengthening Foundations

A key current focus for the County Engineer’s office is the Crider Rd Bridge project in Mifflin Township, a major undertaking with a contract amount of $2,411,504.34 awarded to Mosser Construction. This project, which started on December 4, 2023, and is slated for completion by July 31, 2024, exemplifies the county’s efforts to upgrade its infrastructure. By replacing the existing bridge with a new concrete I-beam and reinforced concrete deck, Richland County aims to enhance safety and longevity.

A Glimpse into the Future: Planned Projects

The following list of future projects has been shared by the County Engineer:

2024 Projects Overview

2024 Planning Map

Bridge Projects:

  1. Crider Rd Bridge CR92-4.57
    • Status: Closed as of Dec. 4, 2023
    • Contractor: Mosser Construction
  2. Linn Rd Bridge CR232-1.77
    • Status: Contract Awarded
    • Contractor: Adena Corp.
  3. Rhinehart Rd Bridge CR398-3.05
    • Status: Contract Awarded
    • Contractor: R&I Construction
  4. Faulk Rd Bridge TR12-0.58
    • Status: Force Account
  5. Forbes Rd Bridge TR374-1.52
    • Status: Force Account
  6. Pennel Rd Bridge TR75-0.77
    • Status: Force Account
  7. Brubaker Creek Rd Bridge TR138-1.19
    • Status: Contract Awarded
    • Contractor: Crawford Construction
  8. Baseline Rd Bridge CR11-9.97
    • Status: Pending
  9. London West Rd Bridge CR58-3.61
    • Status: Contract Pending

Road Surface Treatments:

  • Chip Seal Roads: Baseline Rd, Clear Creek Rd, Olivesburg Fitchville Rd, Hummel Rd, Ernsberger Rd, Mt. Zion Rd, Shelby Ganges Rd, Ganges 5 Points Rd, Walker Lake Rd, Five Points East Rd, Bellville Johnsville Rd, Marion Ave Rd, London East Rd.
  • Paving Roads:
    • Hot Mix: Cairns Rd, Marion Ave Rd, Cook Rd
    • Cold Mix: Brennemen Rd, Noble Rd, Opdyke Rd, Wheatcraft Rd

Planned 2025-2028 Projects

Bridge Projects:

  1. Hunter Rd Bridge TR366-0.69
  2. Armstrong Rd Bridge TR113-0.67
  3. Mock Rd Culvert (Perry Township) – Tentatively planned for 2024?
  4. Rome Greenwich Rd Bridge CR76-9.01
  5. McNaul Rd Bridge TR249-1.29
  6. Coursen Rd Bridge TR128-0.82 – Plans Underway
  7. Champion Rd Bridge CR182-1.76 – Design-Build
  8. Townline Rd Bridge TR79-4.19 – Plans Underway
  9. Lex Springmill at Home Road Roundabout – Plans Underway
  10. Lex Springmill Shoulder Widening (Marion to Home) – Plans Underway
  11. Marion Ave Rd Bridge CR146-0.04 – Plans Underway
  12. Shoup Rd Bridge TR185-1.11 – Plans Underway

These projects represent a strategic approach to addressing current and future transportation needs, ensuring that Richland County’s infrastructure can support its growth and the well-being of its communities.

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