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A Bit Of A Better Week For Richland County, COVID-Wise

23 Apr , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

As statewide COVID-19 case levels stabilize, Richland County’s reported cases are doing the same.

In fact, the figures released for key trends, as well as for the County’s schools and senior residential facilities, showed some improvement this week.

Thursday is the date when weekly numbers are released by the Ohio Department of Health. Richland County remains at Level 3, or “Red,” under the Ohio Public Health Advisory system.

Indicators met locally include new cases per capita, non-congregate cases, emergency room visits, and outpatient visits. In terms of new cases, the two week average went from 218.73 per 100,000 residents on April 15 to 180.76 this week. Numerically, that represents a decrease from 265 to 219 new cases reported.

As noted above, Richland County schools also saw a slight decrease in new infections.

Last week, seven districts/schools reported 18 new COVID-19 cases involving 16 students and 2 staff. This week, there were a total of six districts/schools who did the same, with 9 students and 1 staff involved. Those are:

  • Clear Fork – 1 student
  • Crestview — 4 students
  • Lexington — 1 student, 1 staff
  • Pioneer — 1 student
  • Shelby — 1 student
  • St. Mary – 1 student

There were only 1 resident case reported in the county’s long term care facilities (nursing homes, assisted living), as follows:

  • Wedgewood Estates of Mansfield – 1 resident

Last week, that number stood at 2 residents and 1 staff.

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