Soaring Over Mansfield

10 Nov , 2017  

These days, aerial video photography is frequently uploaded to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

Another such video takes a unique trip up and over the Mansfield area. Christian Haack describes this film as follows on YouTube:

“While filming Shawshank redemption filming locations, I ended up out in the farmlands. So i took the drone out!…”

The majority of the drone-shot video shows rural Richland County scenes, from highways to farms to rail lines. About the :56 mark, it makes a visit to the iconic MANSFIELD grain elevators north of downtown, and then makes a pass over Mansfield’s central city area.

See how many locations you can identify, and be sure to click on the full screen icon on the bottom right of the YouTube player. With some great music to boot, this is an enjoyable visit well worth four minutes of your time.

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