Plymouth High School Sports Teams To Host “Love Doesn’t Shove” Event

15 Jan , 2020  

Plymouth High School’s spring sports teams are bringing Gabriella Kreuz, possibly best known to us as the Cleveland Indian’s in-game host, to speak on the topic of relationships and abuse. It’s an important topic for teenagers, to teach them about healthy and acceptable behavior as they begin to navigate more mature relationships on their way to adulthood.

The public is also welcome to attend the event, which is scheduled for 3:00 PM at Plymouth High School on March 16. There is no cost to do so. More…


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Brain Performance Expert To Speak Locally Via Broadcast

8 Oct , 2019  

It seems that every day we’re sprinting to keep up with new technology and the wealth of information, ideas and options that it provides. Within this information overload, how can we train our brains to remember more, and remember the most important information?

The National Society of Leadership and Success at The Ohio State University at Mansfield is pleased to announce the first guest speaker for the Autumn 2019 Speaker Broadcast season. More…


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Entrepreneur To Share Lessons Learned During AALI Speaks

31 Jul , 2019  

Trai’Shaun Beard will be the speaker for the upcoming AALI Speaks event on Monday, August 12 from 12 to 1:30 PM.

Ms. Beard is an entrepreneur who was born and raised in Mansfield. She left her hometown for a few years to go to school and travel. As she spent those years traveling, she was not sure where her entrepreneurship journey would lead. More…

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AALI Speaks To Welcome Speaker On Self-Worth And Esteem

5 Jun , 2019  

Nicole Horston, CEO of Nstep Promotions and the Founder of SOARING with Help, Hope, and Healing, will be the speaker for the upcoming AALI Speaks event on June 10 from 12-1:30 PM.

Horston will talk about how to affirm children to build their self-esteem and academic progress, the importance of recognizing your self-worth, and eradicating barriers that impact women and children. She will also discuss her book ‘Shades of You.’ More…

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Tickets Available For Youth Mental Health Speaker

2 Apr , 2019  

Buffi Williams will be the speaker at the upcoming AALI Speaks event on Monday, April 8 from 12-1:30 PM.

Williams will talk about solution-focused thinking, strengths-based leadership, mindfulness, and the link between mental health and educational success for youth. The state of the education system and the academic struggles of our children are popular topics in the public discourse today, which is why NECIC is making them the focus of this month’s AALI Speaks event. More…

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