Landmarks of Richland, Shelby

Landmarks Of Richland: US Post Office, Shelby

21 Aug , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

On August 29, 1932, two houses standing on the west side of North Gamble Street in downtown Shelby had a date with a bulldozer.

It took only a few days for the two structures, one large Queen Anne residence and another older, small structure, to make way for an exciting new chapter in Shelby civic history.

Prior to this, the US Congress had set aside $105,000 for the purpose of buying and clearing land, erecting a new building to house the local post office and some additional federal offices, and to furnish the same. The monies had been championed by former US Congressman William M. Morgan. More…

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When Richland Welcomed: The Father Of Hungarian Democracy

12 Jul , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

We’re doing a bit of a “spin” today on one of our standard series.

Throughout the lasts five years, we have highlighted stories of visits to Mansfield by important figures of literary, academic, artistic, and political history in a series we call “When Mansfield Welcomed.” Through those posts, we have looked back in time to consider all of the well-known individuals who have stopped in the city.

There are, of course, other communities in Richland County, and in fact one was well-positioned on the main railroad line between Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati — basically the “I71” of its day, a line which would come to be called the Big Four Railroad. More…

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Time To Get Rolling: Shelby Bicycle Museum Opens On July 9

2 Jul , 2022  

By 1812BLockhouse

Years of dreaming, planning, and hard work are coming together next Saturday in the opening of Richland County’s newest museum.

Civic leaders in Shelby have announced that the new Shelby Bicycle Museum will be opening on July 9 near the site of the original Shelby Cylce factory, more specifically in the Shelby Justice Center on Mack Avenue.

It’s a timely opening, as this year marks the centennial of the launch of the Shelby Cycle Frame Builders, which went on to become the Shelby Cycle Company.


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Richland Roots: Samuel Stambaugh Bloom

3 May , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

In our Richland Roots series, we briefly present the lives of men and women from Richland County — either by birth, or residence — that have made important contributions to American history but who may not be household names. Other posts in our series can be viewed and read here.

Some of these individuals made names for themselves here at home. One such man was Samuel Stambaugh Bloom, who was a state legislator that helped to establish an important institution of higher education you may know (especially if you like anything Buckeye-related).

Bloom was born in Pennsylvania in 1834, and lost her mother shortly after his birth. After his grandfather died when Samuel was 19, he moved west to the then-village of Shelby, a place where his father had emigrated a decade earlier, permanently settling there in 1856. More…


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Shelby Building Included On Statewide Endangered List

18 Jun , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

When the 2021 List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites was recently announced by Preservation Ohio, Ohio’s original statewide preservation organization, a Richland County building was included.

Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites is unique in that it highlights historic buildings and sites submitted from local citizens and advocates, each hoping to bring attention and to identify ways to give important historic properties a future. Out of the many properties nominated this year, Preservation Ohio’s board was tasked with choosing the most at risk. Eleven properties representing all areas of Ohio are included in this years edition.

This list has been issued since 1993 — first every other year, and then annually. More…

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Richland Houses: Shelby History For Sale

13 May , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

We don’t know about you, but we here at 1812Blockhouse are fond of occasional window-shopping… of houses. One of the favorite ways to do so back in the day was the Haring Realty Home Show, on each Sunday on WMFD-TV.

Richland County is, of course, home to a rich variety of houses of all types, prices, and sizes. From time to time, almost all of them become available on the market for interested buyers.

This post is the latest in a series here on 1812Blockhouse called “Richland Houses.” With each post, we share a sampling of what is now on the market that fit a particular description. More…

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Shelby Receives Grant For Historic Records Digitization

5 Mar , 2021  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

Since 2013, the Ohio History Fund has made 94 grants in nearly 40 counties totaling approximately $870,000. Proving there is a strong need for the program, it has received over 430 grant proposals totaling $5.3 million in requests.

This year, the City of Shelby was a recipient.

Money for the grants comes from citizens, who can help in three ways: 1) contributing a portion of a state income tax refund to the Ohio History Fund, line 26 on Ohio’s tax return, 2) purchasing Ohio History “mastodon” license plates, and 3) making a direct gift to the Ohio History Connection for the Ohio History Fund. The more everyone contributes, the more grants are made. More…

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History & Tourism

Shelby Bicycle Days Rolling This Week

7 Jul , 2019  

People-powered transportation with two wheels, and occasionally three wheels or even one wheel, is being celebrated this week as the annual Shelby Bicycle Days welcomes visitors to Black Fork Commons.

Each summer for over two decades, the streets of downtown Shelby have come alive with a celebration of local history, particular the city’s own Shelby Bicycle Company, which operated from 1921 through 1953. More…

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