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Ohio’s Senators Join 62 Others In Passing Chips Bill

28 Jul , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

It is very possible that looking back from a twenty-years-from-now vantage point, that Wednesday’s vote in the US Senate will be seen as a transformative moment for Ohio’s economy.

At least in the near future, few places may end up as changed as Ohio because of a measure that will provide historic levels of financial investment into the domestic manufacture of semiconductors and related industries. And while Richland County is not the primary location from those manufacturing facilities, the county’s southwest corner is quite close to the building site, and of course neighboring Morrow and Knox Counties will be Intel’s next door neighbors.

From the time of the first announcement of Intel’s building plans to the present, passage of the so-called Chips Bill was singled out as important for Intel to maximize its Ohio investment.


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