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Buy A Bundle At The Buy-Way

24 Jul , 2019  

The Lincoln Highway was America’s first cross-country automobile roadway. Constructed in 1913, it spanned over 3,000 miles, connecting Times Square in New York City and Lincoln Park in San Francisco. The 241-mile section that passed through Ohio was adjusted and realigned multiple times, but the final version adopted in 1928 is known as the Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway.

Today, the byway is not only notable for historic reasons. Each August, the Buy-Way Yard Sale (August 8-10) takes place for one weekend along the route, which passes through north central Ohio. More…

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Ohio’s Longest Yard Sale To Run Right Through Mansfield

6 Aug , 2018  

It’s almost time once again for the Ohio Lincoln Highway BUY-WAY yard sale. Now in its fourteenth year, Ohio’s longest yard sale will take place Thursday, August 9 through Saturday, August 11. The trail of sales follows the historic Lincoln Highway from the Indiana-Ohio state line in the west to the eastern end of the road in East Liverpool, Ohio. The BUY-WAY yard sale started with only about 250 sales across the state, but has grown to over 1,300 sales. “With multiple vendors at many sale locations, there’s something for everyone to find out there,” says Brian Cassler, marketing director for Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway. More…


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Friday And Saturday Close To Home

10 Aug , 2017  

A reminder of events taking place in and near Richland County on Friday and Saturday of this week, together with 1812Blockhouse stories: More…

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Buy-Way Week Is Here

7 Aug , 2017  

About this time every year closets are raided, attics are scoured, and unsold garage sale items from last year come out of hiding.

It’s time for the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way, an annual tradition in this part of Ohio as well as neighboring states. More…