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25 Sep , 2022  

By Thomas Palmer, 1812Blockhouse Publisher

Today marks the beginning of a new regular column here at 1812Blockhouse.

Every so often – how often is not yet set – I will be sharing information and perhaps some commentary about media goings-on in Richland County. We have said this before, because it is very true – as a county, this community has more variety in news sources than most other places nationwide. That’s something which sets this place apart and makes it worth talking about.

As is the case for a few dozen other individuals, I am involved in the reporting, collection, and distribution of information that Richland Countians can use, every single day. Yes, it can be frustrating when one observes the  amount of wasted resources that occurs with so many people telling the same stories. Yes, it’s occasionally stressful. At all times, however, there’s an overpowering sense that what we do here at 1812Blockhouse – telling the community’s stories, whether written by ourselves or by others – is important.


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All About Richland

The Mansfield Times Story Continues

11 Jan , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

The story of The Mansfield Times, which appeared suddenly last year amidst an avalanche of similar sites across the country, continues.

Don’t look for that story on the pages of that publication, however, or else you will be sorely disappointed.

What might be considered Richland County’s newest online news site has been largely dormant for the last several weeks, and its feature story shows a publication date of late September. More…

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

16 Aug , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Mansfield has a new online news site.

Well, in a way it does.

In the last five years, Richland County has seen the closing of one weekly newspaper, the Bellville Star, and the arrival of a new independent online news site, 1812Blockhouse. Other than that, the media scene has been rather stable with daily and weekly print publications, as well as another independent online site and a TV/online newsroom, continuing to operate.

A newcomer has possibly joined that mix. More…

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