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Intel Investment Projections Inch Higher; Strong Regional Economic Impact Certain

5 Sep , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

Optimism for Intel has reached a fever pitch recently. Among remarks reportedly given by State Senator Jay Hottinger from Newark last month was the following:

“We’re now going to have five fabs,” Hottinger said. “It makes us the largest chip manufacturer in the world. The opportunities and spinoffs from this will be phenomenal.”

In the article published in the Newark Advocate (can be read here), Hottinger followed that remark by suggesting that officials are already in talks with almost half of the 30 to 40 suppliers potentially coming to Ohio.

Each of these “fabs,” or individual factories, will generate up to 1,500 higher-than-average salary positions (the projected annual salary will be $135,000). The first two fabs have prompted a recent statewide call for 7,000 construction workers.


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