Robo-umps Are Coming To Major League Baseball

11 Jun , 2020  

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By: Rayvon Fouché, Purdue University

(THE CONVERSATION) The Houston Astros’ use of cameras to steal signs and conceivably cheat to win the World Series has driven many recent conversations about the place and meaning of technology in sports. The Major League Baseball season is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this has only delayed the league addressing the controversy of using technology within the game. More…


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Mansfield’s Baseball Broadcasting Pioneer

19 Mar , 2020  

Publisher’s Note: Realizing that many Richland Countians are now working from home or forced to remain there due to self-quarantining or reduced travel, we are sharing stories from our archives, and adding some new ones, over the next few weeks in what we hope will be occasional diversions from coronavirus worries. This post was published by 1812Blockhouse back in 2017:

The 2017 season of “America’s Favorite Pastime” is well underway. What better time to share the story of a key figure in radio broadcasting history – and particularly baseball broadcasting — who made Mansfield his home? More…


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When Mansfield Welcomed: Baseball’s Greatest Shortstop

13 Sep , 2019  

This story was first posted in October 2018.

It would be difficult to over estimate the storied reputation of Honus Wagner in the world of professional baseball. Over 100 years after winning his eighth and final batting title – a National League record which remains in place to this day – Wagner is also well-known for the record prices set by the sale of his baseball cards. He was also, for a short time, a Mansfielder. More…

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150 Years After First Professional Baseball Game, Mansfield Independents Again Host The Cincinnati Red Stockings

29 May , 2019  

A century and a half has passed since America’s very first professional baseball game took place right here in Mansfield.

On Saturday, June 1, 150 years to the day after that meeting, two teams with the same name will meet (weather permitting, of course) at Cyclops Field. More…

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Former News Journal Reporter Reminisces About Frank Robinson’s Visit To Mansfield

11 Feb , 2019  

The great Frank Robinson, a man of tremendous talent and recognized with many honors in the field of baseball, passed away this past week in Los Angeles at the age of 83.

Awards won by Robinson include MVP awards in both the National and American League – the only player with that distinction, induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. More…