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The Shelby City Council meeting on September 18 started with the usual formalities—prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and roll call. However, the atmosphere quickly changed during the public comments section when a citizen took the podium to express grievances against the council. He discussed alleged exculpatory evidence that the city had withheld for five years, affecting his probation and potential imprisonment. The individual also accused the council members of having a “God complex” and not respecting the law. 

The mayor reminded the individual of the rules for public comments, emphasizing the need for courteous language. The speaker was asked to leave and was escorted from the chamber.

Financial Health of the City

The council then shifted its focus to the financial status of the city. The latest reports indicated that income tax withholding and individual taxes were both approximately 17% higher than the three-year average. The sewer fund was in better shape than it had been in previous years, with $116,000 “free and clear.” However, the water fund had only $5,500 available. The council also discussed the police and fire pensions, noting that more employees and increased overtime could strain the fire pension fund.

Personnel and Public Safety Updates

In the realm of personnel, two cadets graduated from the police academy, and contract negotiations for three units within the police department are set to begin in October. The units include dispatchers, patrolmen, and officers. The council also discussed public safety, mentioning that two positive West Nile virus mosquito traps had been found, and spraying would continue as needed.

Infrastructure and Future Projects

The council discussed several infrastructure projects, including the potential installation of a screw press at the water treatment plant. They also talked about replacing a problematic water line on Shelby Avenue, which had experienced 21 breaks. The estimated project cost is around $661,000, and the council is hopeful to secure a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission for half of that amount.

National Preparedness Month and Other Announcements

September is National Preparedness Month, and this year’s theme focuses on preparing older adults for disasters. The council joined the Richmond County Emergency Management Agency in encouraging citizens to create emergency kits and preparedness plans. The mayor also mentioned attending the grand opening of Life is Sweet Cakery and the 25th anniversary of Nicole and Company Salon.

The meeting concluded with the passage of Resolution 42-2023, which accepts the amounts and rates determined by the budget commission and authorizes necessary tax levies.

For more information on the Shelby City Council and their ongoing projects, you can visit their official website.

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