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During the opportunity given for a Mayor’s Report at the February 21 meeting of Shelby City Council, Mayor Steven Schag took the opportunity to highlight a recognition recently received for the city’s floodplain management program.

The recognition came in the form of a display plaque from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and which reads in part:

“The City of Shelby successfully participates in the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System. The community has undertaken a series of meaningful activities to protect its citizens from losses caused by flooding and has significantly exceeded the requirements for NFIP participation and effective floodplain management.”

The Mayor highlighted the work of Floodplain Manager Joe Gies, calling his work “stellar.” The plaque will replace a previous one for the same level of management excellence.

In other remarks, Mayor Schag discussed a series of meetings he had attended, including one with the Shelby City Health Department and a board member of the Community Action Commission of Erie, Huron, and Richland County. On February 17, he attended a ribbon cutting on behalf of Mr Troy Baker who unveiled the renovation of his building at 19 West Main Street.” It’s beautiful both without and within,” the Mayor added.

Also reviewed was his recent attendance with four other City officials at a CPR class put on by the Shelby City Health Department with Mrs. Jeannie Covert, our Director of Nursing and educator and certified CPR instructor. The class presentation was “…par excellent with a nice blend of instruction and literal hands-on training,” the Mayor shared.

“Mrs. Covert is available to teach classes in groups of any size so I’d encourage our community to please feel free to reach out to her by email or at 419-342-5226,” he added.

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