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Shelby City Council convened in their latest session on Monday to address a range of issues affecting the community. Among the topics discussed was the future development of the acreage that once housed the Skiles Field. In a significant decision, the Council approved the Shelby Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) to take charge of transforming the vacant space into a vibrant community asset.

During the meeting, concerns were raised regarding motorcycle-related issues, police response, and personal defense rights. However, the spotlight soon shifted to the anticipated decision on the fate of the former high school football field.

The Council members engaged in dialogue about the future of the vacant space. After careful consideration and weighing the potential benefits, they unanimously voted in favor of entrusting the development to the Shelby Community Improvement Corporation. This decision highlights the Council’s commitment to revitalizing the community and creating spaces that serve the needs and aspirations of its residents.

The Shelby Community Improvement Corporation, known for their successful downtown revitalization efforts, has a proven track record of transforming vacant areas into thriving community hubs. Their expertise and dedication have earned them the trust and support of the Council, as well as the residents they serve.

Councilman Martin expressed his enthusiasm for the project, remarking, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our community. By entrusting the development to the CIC, we can ensure that the space becomes a valuable asset for Shelby and its surrounding communities.”

While the specifics of the development plan were not disclosed during the meeting, Councilman Gates, the President of the CIC, reassured the Council and the public that the project would be executed with the utmost care and consideration. He emphasized that the CIC’s goal is to find the right partner to take on the project, whether it be the city itself, an external organization, or a combination of both.

The decision to develop the former high school football field reflects the Council’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life in Shelby. The envisioned transformation holds the promise of creating a vibrant and multifunctional space that will benefit residents, visitors, and the entire community for years to come.

As the meeting concluded, Councilman Martin took a moment to extend his well wishes to the community, expressing his excitement for the upcoming weekend of bicycle days. The Council members parted ways, energized by the productive session and optimistic about the future of Shelby.

Source: City of Shelby

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