Nestled in the heart of Richland County’s rolling hills and sprawling fields lies Malabar Farm State Park, steeped in literary history and natural charm. The park invites visitors to experience its newest attraction—a state-of-the-art Visitor Center, a tribute to the legacy of Louis Bromfield, the visionary Pulitzer Prize-winning author and conservationist.

Step into Bromfield’s Dream

The newly minted Visitor Center is a portal into the world Bromfield cherished. Here, interactive displays bring his conservation efforts and literary achievements to life, offering a tactile journey through his aspirations and accomplishments. The center also houses a quaint gift shop, brimming with Ohio-crafted treasures, Bromfield’s literary masterpieces, and the freshest produce from the farm’s own fields.

A Homestead of History and Harmony

Malabar Farm is not just a testament to Bromfield’s dream but also a living, breathing slice of history. The farm’s barn stands as a beacon of rustic life, inviting guests to mingle with the resident animals or hitch a ride on a farm wagon. The historic “Big House,” a romantic backdrop to the storied wedding of Hollywood icons Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, opens its doors for tours that whisk visitors back to a bygone era.

A Calendar Filled with Rustic Revelry

Throughout the year, Malabar Farm buzzes with activities that celebrate the rural and the pastoral. From the sweetness of the Maple Syrup Festival in March to the earthy toil of Spring Plowing Days in April, the farm ensures the calendar is chock-full of events. Highlights include lively Barn Dances, the Ohio Heritage Days Festival, and the enchanting Candlelight Holiday Tours, offering festivities for every season.

For those who seek solace in the embrace of nature, the park’s trails await. Wander through the wildflower-laden paths, discover the enigmatic rock formations, or gaze upon the panoramic views that punctuate each trail. Whether it’s a leisurely walk or an invigorating hike, trails like Butternut, Doris Duke Woods, and Jungle Brook cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.

The allure of Malabar Farm extends into the winter months. When snow blankets the landscape, the park transforms into a playground for snowshoeing, sledding, and cross-country skiing, offering a frosty wonderland for the adventurous at heart.

Plan Your Pastoral Escape

Malabar Farm State Park extends a standing invitation to explore the enduring legacy of Louis Bromfield and the timeless beauty of Ohio’s countryside. For a seamless experience, visitors are encouraged to reach out for information on hours and the best times to visit, ensuring every moment at the farm is as enchanting as Bromfield envisioned.

For more information and to schedule your visit, please contact Malabar Farm State Park. For a complete list of Richland County attractions and events, visit the website of Destination Mansfield – Richland County.

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