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Samuel Ratvasky

“When I came from Cleveland to Mansfield and started the courses, I was greeted by fantastic professors. Ones who were always willing to help me when I needed clarification.”

Samuel Ratvasky expresses how Ohio State Mansfield welcomed him in with open arms, reassuring him that he chose the right campus to further his educational studies in Engineering.

Samuel speaks on how the Mansfield Endowment Scholarship impacted his educational experience by alleviating the burden of financial stress of college expenses, allowing him to focus on his studies. Samuel mentions how he developed a passion in Engineering through growing up watching his dad work as an Engineer. “My curiosity for the world of engineering had always been there since childhood. I was always tinkering around, building little creations of my own”.

Samuel’s outstanding performance on this campus has landed him many opportunities to explore other roles in the workforce. He has previously served a tutor for calculus, helping students better understand how to calculate complex math problems. Sam is currently working as a Teacher’s Assistant and states that his favorite thing about this role is providing students like himself the opportunity to digest content, “Seeing the ‘AHA’ look on their faces is always a great feeling”. He also currently serves on the Board Student Trustee, where he assists in coordinating funds for students in need of financial assistance.

Victoria Bonner

Upcoming 2023 Graduate, Victoria Bonner speaks on how receiving the Leader Scholarship has allowed her to accomplish her goals, providing her with the confidence and hope needed to further her education.

“This scholarship has given me a sense of accomplishment. I never thought I would receive a scholarship for school because I’ve always struggled. Receiving this scholarship has made me feel special, it felt great to know that people recognized me”

Ohio State Mansfield’s friendly and loving atmosphere is what Victoria loves most about the campus – “There is always someone there to check in with you and see what they can do to help you succeed at the campus”.

Victoria’s unique background is what gave her the passion to pursue a degree in Social Work. “I went through the Foster System when I was just 4 years old. There are so many children and youth out there that are not as fortunate as I was. I wanted to become a social worker to give them not only a voice but give the youth someone that could connect with them and understand what they were going through on a more personal level”.  Victoria’s vision has shifted as she has noticed the elderly population is often forgotten about.

However, since starting my journey in the Social Work degree, my main point of focus has changed from foster care to Elderly care as I have found I can connect well with them, and they are often a forgotten population with having their needs met” After graduating, Victoria plans to attain her Master’s degree, specializing in Geriatrics – “ I want to help change that stigma, while also providing the necessary services our elders need to be able to function within society and their lives”.

Day of Giving

Join us on May 3, 2023, for Day of Giving as we work together towards one incredible goal: making education affordable for the world changers of today and tomorrow. By giving to scholarships, you can be a part of our caring community’s work toward a brighter future. Give now through May 3 at go.osu.edu/GiveMansfield to support the Mansfield campus scholarships!

Source, Photos: OSU Mansfield; Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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