OSUM Professor‘s Study Abroad Initiative Receives Grant

14 Nov , 2019  

Developing a global mindset through education, teaching and learning is key to the contribution of sustainability and resilience for our world.

The Sustainability Institute of The Ohio State University has awarded two grants to faculty-led education abroad programs that incorporate sustainability concepts. These grants will financially support summer of 2020 education abroad experiences by lowering the student participant program fee.

The Sustainability Institute awarded $10,000 to support a Geography of the European Union study abroad program led by an OSUM professor.

Student participants will travel to Cyprus for a four-week stay to learn about the European Union (EU) and Eurozone. Stavros Constantinou, professor of geography at the Ohio State Mansfield campus, will lead students to gain a greater understanding of the EU position on sustainable and clean energy. Lectures, curriculum and tours throughout the course will integrate and spark discussion surrounding sustainability topics. Because the EU has set ambitious climate energy goals by 2030, students will develop a new perspective on global sustainability.

The other study aboard trip includees a look at: New Zealand: Sustainable Tourism and Human Impacts on the Environment.

“We are very excited to share in supporting the Sustainable Tourism and Human Impacts on the Environment and the Geography of the EU education abroad programs for summer 2020,” Gina Hnytka, Sustainability Institute director of education and learning, said. “We look forward to highlighting the great work of the faculty and staff leading these programs and sharing more about the experiences of the students as they engage in experiential learning about global sustainability.”

Source: The Ohio State University


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